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Below are some feedback we've received from people accross BC. If you'd like to submit a testimonial about how Bike to Work Week or GoByBike Weeks has affected you, please send it to Terri-Lynn Gifford, Provincial Program Manager,

"Last week was Bike to Work Week, the third year we have celebrated that event in our community. What a great way to unify our community.  It was so inspiring to see all those bikers in town and to pass parents and kids pedaling to or from town at the beginning and end of the day.  What a great spirit it brought to our community."

Francois Depey, Office of the Wet'suwet'en, Smithers


“I really had fun riding my bike at bike to school week. I ride my bike because it is super fun. I was surprised to win a prize and shared some of the cookies with my friends. I will do bike to school week next year because anytime I can take a trip on my bike I'll do it because it is super fun.”

Mischa Ansgar, 6 year old, Smithers

“When I ride my bike, I am motivated by the fact that I am using a non-polluting mode of transportation, I save money, and as a bonus I am fully awake by the time I get to work!! : I think it's important to support initiatives that promote healthy living and community involvement. I love biking, so it made sense for me to register!”

Agnes Pion, Airport Security, Smithers Regional Airport, Smithers

“This event was a great success on Salt Spring Island, thanks to the many volunteers who organized it and the enthusiastic support of the community. We must all do what we can to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels as we face the realities of climate change. The  Bike to Work Week helps us all to think about alternative means of transportation, not only bicycles, but also taking the bus, electric vehicles, walking or simply cutting back on the number of trips we make in our cars. This world is ours to protect. We must all play our part.”

Peter Grove, Elected Trustee for the Islands Trust, Salt Spring Island

“Bike to Work Week on Salt Spring tends to be an uphill battle – with hilly terrain and narrow, winding roads - but this opportunity to get on your bike as the weather gets beautiful is a real motivator for so many islanders. This year we had fierce but friendly competitions, a number of celebration stations on the island, and a rapidly improving mixed use trail infrastructure to support riders. Salt Spring is quickly on its way from a bike desert to a bike mecca!”

Seth Wright, Islands Trust, Salt Spring Island

Bike to Work Week is awesome. I enjoy that it gets everyone out on the streets biking. The stations are a great way to get new bikers “tuned up” with the volunteer bike support staff available to answer questions. The station treats are a great way to start a day!

While we often get rain in Revelstoke at the start of June it is great timing to get people thinking about switching from winter to summer transport. Thank you to all the sponsors and volunteers. They were great!”

Bridget Daughney, Canadian Avalanche Association, Revelstoke

“Take 48 bike commuters from the QVH/MCC Healthy Hot Wheels team, with 200 trips and 1024 km in 7 days collectively burning 30,710 calories with 22 Greenhouse gases saved and it all equals a fabulous increase in participation of the 2015 BTWW.  Last year our team had 31 riders, 133 trips for a 762 km total.  We even had overflowing bike racks day 1, in the rain.  With the increased participation (and possibly the highest team participation of all Revy teams), and staff continuing to ride, we are in negotiations with our employer  for a new bike rack. As well, we have an in-house program to support & encourage staff to continue their “ healthy” habit, checking in with commuters in September.  Great program!  Let’s keep the momentum & support going!”

Ruby ann Meda , Revelstoke

“We formed a team of our farm employees this year and had 5 of 8 employees participate with enthusiasm. My wife, Louise, and I also cycle quite often but since we live on our “jobsite”, we decided to support our employees by riding out in a different direction each morning to meet up with one or two and ride back to the farm together. We also offered some prizes as an incentive to reach 25, 85, and 150km targets by the end of the week. It was a good team-building exercise – something other businesses or organizations spend money to achieve.

We’ll definitely do it again next year and maybe try to find a way of encouraging our customers to cycle to our farmers’ markets and log those km for our team. Anyway, here is a link to a brief report in our farm newsletter in case it is of any interest. Thanks for the work you do to organize BTWW for BC!”

Hermann Bruns, Wild Flight Farm, Revelstoke

"Biking is important because it uses less gas and it gives you exercise and it's fun"

Teeghan Loewen, age 9 Highglen Montessori Elementary School, Prince George

“I see preventive health benefits, anti-aging, and enjoyment as the number one reasons to ride. Just the plain feeling of freedom riding through the fresh air helps us have a positive view on life.”

Rob Southcott, City Councillor, Powell River


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