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Dear Friends,

After careful consideration of the information and directives coming from the World Health Organization, the Public Health Agency of Canada, and British Columbia’s Medical Officer on the outbreak of COVID-19,  GoByBikeBC Society regrets to announce that we will be postponing our spring 2020 Bike To Work and School Week, which was scheduled to run May 25-31, 2020.

As COVID-19 continues to change the way we work, educate, and interact with friends and family, GoByBike BC hopes that you’ll continue to get outside and ride your bike.

To quote the wise words of our dear friend, Janine Arnold:
Flatten the curve, not the tire. Ride on, my friends."

Riding a bike is a great way to stay healthy (physically and mentally) while we live in a socially distanced world. Riding a bike gets you outdoors, experiencing nature, in touch with fresh air and the changing springtime climate, and it rarely brings you into close proximity with other people. Riding a bike also reduces your stress levels in times of uncertainty, like right now; and it allows us to experience the world in new and unexpected ways.

Together, with our various partners and stakeholders, we are developing a plan to run the event at a later date, when it is safe to do so.

The situation with COVID-19 is evolving rapidly. Our main concern during this time is for your health and for the health of your communities.

Stay healthy, keep #goingbybike, ride safe, ride ONLY with immediate housemates, stay at least 2 meters away from other road users, and ensure your bike stays in safe working condition!

Help Bike Shops Stay Open!

The nation is in a state of emergency and people have been ordered to self isolate. Businesses have been ordered to close, and there needs to be total compliance by British Columbians to contain the virus. Quebec and Ontario have announced that there would soon be full shutdowns of non-essential businesses, as health officials grapple with the outbreak. The Quebec provincial government will be publishing a full list of essential businesses soon, but have mentioned that essential businesses include grocery stores, pharmacies, the news media, and restaurant take-out/delivery. 

Will BC's Provincial government follow suit? Will bike mechanics be considered an essential service? How can we help bike shops stay open so that the use of bicycles - always with total respect for official public health protection rules - can be encouraged? How can we support cycling's continued contribution to transport resilience and Canada's health and well-being?

Please consider advocating for your local bike shops. The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, Bike Pittsburgh, and other organizations, successfully advocated for bike shops around the state to stay open for repairs during the pandemic.

Like many bike shops in BC, Freedom Bike Shop in Penticton stresses: "We are taking social distancing very seriously, but still want to KEEP YOU RIDING. These are trying times and with all the anxiety and stress in the community, we know that keeping you on your bikes is a way for us to keep people safe, happy, healthy and relaxed, and this is very important to us."

Bike Shops across the Province have put necessary policies in place to protect their staff and their customers, and stop the spread of COVID-19. For example:

  • Keeping the store entrances locked and not allowing customers in the store.
  • Booking bike mechanics by appointment only.
  • On check in, bikes are both washed and disinfected.
  • On bike pickup, bikes are disinfected before being delivered to our customers.
  • Customers can NOT try on personal items such as shoes, socks, or clothing.
  • Payments are ONLY accepted by Credit/Debit Card or EMT only, no cash, no exceptions.

Source: https://www.freedombikeshop.com/

Please consider asking your local governments to help BC Bike Shops stay open so that we can encourage BC residents to ride bikes.

Right now, it is important for British Columbians to focus on social distancing, minimizing contact and preventing the spread of the virus. But, it is also important to do our best to spread JOY to our neighbors, friends, and the rest of the world. GoByBike BC Society's Vision is: "A future in which as many people as possible experience the joy of using bicycles for everyday transportation."

Thank you for your consideration.

#gobybike #gobybikebc


Your Friends at GoByBike BC Society.

Buzz for GoByBike BC

““With funding from Provincial Sponsors like BC Hydro, we are able to continue to run a fabulous event with regional reach. From Vancouver to Coquitlam, Burnaby to North Vancouver, New West to Richmond, Surrey to West Vancouver Bike to Work encourages people from all around...”

Raema Quam, Director of Programs and Development, HUB, Metro Vancouver
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November 22, 2019
(November, 2019) “My wife and I have talked about traveling by bike, so I was really excited to learn about winning this prize, and about the opportunity to explore the Baltics by bike,“ says Randy Gregory, winner of the Exodus Travels 2019 Fall GoByBike Weeks Grand Prize Trip for 2, Cycling the Baltics. Randy works in Production at Domtar Pulp in Kamloops, BC. He’s biked to work for more than 25 years; and he’s participated in Bike to Work Week since 2012 and GoByBike Weeks since 2018. “Biking to work is a nice way to start the day, and biking home from work is a great way to clear your mind at the end of the day. Plus, when you bike to work, you always get the best parking!” he, says.  
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Judy Hamre biked 4.95 km for fun, March 25, 2020
Judy Hamre biked 4.95 km for fun, March 25, 2020
Judy Hamre biked 4.42 km for fun, March 25, 2020
Judy Hamre biked 4.42 km for fun, March 25, 2020
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