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Team Leader Information

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Team leaders are what makes a successful Bike to Work Week.

Team Leader night for 2019 is Thursday, May 16th 6pm - 7pm, Macpherson Room, Revelstoke Community Centre

Get all the updates for 2019: including Celebration Station times and locations, Bike to School program and more (including draw prizes for those who attend and FREE Pizza compliments of The Village Idiot!)

Team leaders help to bring biking as a habit to the workplace, school and everyday life. Team leaders provide tips, ideas, information and inspiration to fellow teammates, which give these people an opportunity to explore the fun and health benefits of active living.

Team Leaders will be provided with information on bike safety and maintenance information, a list of the benefits of cycling, and ideas for motivating and inspiring their team. 

There are many benefits to being a team leader:
  • Support for cyclists and cycling at the workplace;
  • Demonstrating leadership and initiative at work; and  
  • Prizes reserved for team leaders!
What is required of a Team Leader?
  • Choose a fun name for your company team.
  • Register your team online at www.biketowork.ca/registration - only registered teams are eligible for draw prizes!
  • Encourage your team to join.
  • Before and after the event, act as an information hub and support person for your colleagues.
  • Have participants log the days that they ride to and/or from work.
  • After the event, report your team participation results online.
  • Celebrate your team’s success!
Ideas for Motivating Your Team
  • Focus on the benefits, not the consequences of cycling to work.
  • Keep it fun and simple.
  • Make it a competition! Just as we offer you, as team leaders, prizes to keep you motivated, get your business to sponsor prizes for your team! Prizes are a short-term, tangible, and measurable benefit that can serve as very effective motivators.



How much does it cost to participate in BTWW?
It’s FREE! Thanks to the support of our sponsors, participation in the event is free.

Are walkers, roller bladers, transit riders, and carpoolers counted?
No, BTWWW is focused solely on cycling, however if you have co workers that commute by these means, they are not included in your total workplace number.  For example your workplace has 10 employees, 2 walk to work, you were record your total workplace numbers as 8.

How big is my team?
Your team size is not the number of cyclists participating, but the total number of people in your workplace. For really large employers (over 50 staff), you may want to break into several smaller teams.

Do I include all of the names of my team members in my registration?
Yes, you need to add individual names to your team on the web or team members can register and join your team.

For further information please contact:

Kristen MacKinnon/ Adrienne Comars
email: gobybikerevelstoke@gmail.com

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